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Are you worried about posture?

Have you rounded Shoulders, your head forward, a swayed back, an accentuated lumbar lordosis, or thoracic kyphosis?

How's your Balance?

Do you feel fear of falling, an unstable sensation when standing and moving? Weakness or stiffness in the legs? Do you use one side of your body more than the other?

How's your relationship with pain?

Do you suffer chronic pain? Are you ready and willing to learn about the message the pain is telling to you? Have you suffered injuries in the past and need to relearn new patterns and coordination in movement?

What is a good posture?

Moshe Feldenkrais invented the concept of "Acture". The ability to adapt and move your body in any direction without preparation. Being ready for life. There is no such good or bad posture; the problem manifests in not being able to adapt and allow your body to have an efficient alignment with gravity and be free to move.


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What's a good balance?

The awareness and the interaction between the Somatosensory receptors and the visual and vestibular systems for optimal function. Specifically, I can help with the first two, increasing the awareness of the sensory-motor system and the use of the eyes. The vestibular system is a complex domain that a specialist should address.


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Understanding your pain

Pain is a subjective experience. Not everyone feels the same about a similar stimulus. There are many strategies to explore, looking for changes to alleviate and make sense of the message the pain is telling you.




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You can learn about:

Orientation in space, the base of support in sitting and standing, skeletal alignment, and dynamic posture. Having a good posture isn't about correcting yourself. You can learn your patterns and add new options and variations to your repertoire to move and feel better.

How to improve Balance?

Exploring the orientation in space and the use of your eyes, feeling and sensing how you shift your weight, the distribution of the work between the different parts and looking for easiness and efficiency. You'll play with gravity and levity


The Process

Learning strategies to calm the nervous system down, using your breathing to access internal spaces, and activating awareness and your healing process from the inside out. Embodying the concept of less is more and "less pain, more gain".

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What Other Are Saying

Silvia, the treatment was AMAZING. I was tired afterwards and needed (another!) nap, but then for days afterwards, I felt like all my joints had been oiled and polished. I moved so smoothly and without any pain at all. It was fabulous!


I understood and could feel my body's limitations, but after some time, I had the sensation of finding myself. The day before, I felt a lightness in my back. I loved the sensation of lightness and ease.


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