"Navigating between the Rhythms"


It’s a 3 hours journey, a movement research workshop for creative dancers and non.
It’s an integration between the Feldenkrais® Method and Body Expression-Dance.

For creative, ecstatic and free dancers who wants to make easier their own dance.

For those who would like to feel joy while dancing.

This workshop aims to make the dance reachable and available to everyone and explore how to move with ease and freedom.

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Danza Creativa

What you will explore

Feel and sense yourself.

Paying attention to your Breathing, your primary font of energy, combined with the awareness of how you use yourself.
For this instance, I will guide you through the Awareness Through Movement® lessons.

Use of the internal and external space

Exploring different qualities of movement, different directions and how to use the space.  Internal, personal and surroundings.

Different rhythms 

Inspired in my own practice as a 5th Rhythms dancer, I bring and integrate to this workshop the different rhythms, Flow/staccato/Chaos/Lyrical and Stillness.


We’ll explore the different possibilities of movement, sensing and feeling the body, stabilising connections, recognising what is available, what is not, and from there create your own dance.

Two modalities Integrated into one format

Feldenkrais® Method
Moshé Feldenkrais

Dr Moshe Feldenkrais developed the Feldenkrais® Method of somatic education.A chronic knee injury prompted him to apply his knowledge of physics, body mechanics, neurology, learning theory and psychology to a new understanding of human function and maturation. His investigations resulted in the formulation of a unique synthesis of science and aesthetics, known as the Feldenkrais Method®”


Body Expression Dance
Patricia Stokoe

Classical and Modern Dancer, creator of Body Expression-Dance School.

Patricia Meets Moshé Feldenkrais;

"It was in those years, in between 1948 and 1950, that I also met Moshe Feldenkrais. At the beginning of his later career, his work was widely disseminated throughout the world through his courses, books, and disciples. It gave me the key to find my way to solve the problem about the result of the copy of the external model, from which I could find my own "model". 

Patricia Stokoe

Would you like to move and dance with ease and grace?


This workshop is for those wishing to improve their vocabulary when dancing and those willing to explore their bodies from novel and more multifaceted directions.

Navigating Between the Rhythms’ is my baby, lovingly and carefully birthed over many years of research and practice in the somatic and creative world.

As a Body Expression Dance teacher, Feldenkrais Practitioner and long term committed dancer of the 5 Rhythms.  I have integrated the principles and strategies to provide an environment  for exploring and connecting with the body.  Creativity, communication, space, rhythm and quality of movement are weaved together toward cohesion and ease.

Moving from the Inside Out

I always was looking to express myself, interacting with the world around me, building relationships, feel I belong. But for me, it wasn't an easy task, expressing myself through talking wasn't given easily. So I found my way to grow and develop my humanity through movement. The Body Expression Dance from my childhood was my ground wire and salvation.

Expressing my thoughts and feelings through my own dance. It was and is a beautiful and healing journey.

Today I'm learning to integrate my thinking, sensing, moving and feeling manifesting in words what I want to communicate.


My inspiration arises from this feeling, the willingness to share with others oneself expression, at service for those who resonate with this idea and feelings.

"EVERYBODY CAN DANCE" was Patricia Stokoe's motto, moving from the Inside Out, knowing your body (your instrument) and letting your emotions and feelings arise and manifest through these connections.

This project is my baby. It's birthing; it was in the pre-language phase for a while and now is ready to share. I'm honoured to be your teacher and looking forward to seeing this baby grow and develop.


Participate and be part of the Embodied Creative Dance community.

Online, Via Zoom-Date to define


 Live in Sydney- Date to define

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Your Teacher

Silvia Finzi

Creative Dancer, Body Expression Dance teacher, Certified Feldenkrais® Method practitioner. Passioned about movement, self-care and Dance.