Functional Integration®


Functional Integration® is one to one approach.

A question we usually ask our clients is:

Is there a particular area of your life that you'd like to improve?

By observing your unique physicality/movement patterns, I use gentle touch and movement to help you learn a different approach to the activity you're getting stuck with or want to improve.

After a lesson, you'll come away with something useful you can do for your particular issue.

A Functional Integration session calms your nervous system to reduce excess tension and effort from your body's muscles. You may discover a new experience of feeling lighter and more connected throughout your body.


In a Functional Integration session, our nervous systems tune directly, bringing this relationship to another level of understanding and communication.

I highly recommend this approach for those experiencing chronic pain or who desire to explore some particular skills.

After addressing some of these particularities, my recommendation is to continue your self-discovery journey in the group lessons (ATM®)

Give it a try and see how you can get better by doing less and feeling more.



Touch and the way we are touched matters.

Research with newborns has demonstrated the relevance of touching in the developmental and learning process. A gentle and respectful touch transmits the reassuring feeling we need to heal and get better.

Pain relief

Sometimes the pain is a manifestation of constant tension. Your nervous system reduces the range of movements and contracts your muscles, trying to protect you.

Through an informative and gentle touch, I provide a safe environment to release unnessesary tension. Your nervous system is open to learning a different way to function.

Feel ligther, taller

Usually, my clients after a session express feeling lighter or taller. Why is this? As a result of a better organisation, their nervous system and body starts to regulate in a better and more coordinated way.

Would you like to feel taller, lighter, more balanced and a sense of relief?

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Functional Integration®

You can Book to come In-person in Little Bay or Online, via Zoom.


Cancellation Policy:

If you can't attend your session you have 24 hs to cancel your appointment.


"Make the impossible, possible, the possible easy and the easy, elegant".

Moshé Feldenkrais


What students are saying?

I work as a clinical psychologist and have been visiting Silvia for six months. This has been a very valuable experience. She has a gentle, down-to-earth manner and has helped me become more aware of my breathing and bodily state.

This awareness has helped me to relieve my stress levels and aches and pains.

The method has also helped in my work with my patients - allowing me to be centred and relaxed as a psychologist.”

Saul Gerber-Psychologist -Sydney

Silvia's classes are of excellent quality and very useful to continue with today's busy life. The movements that she proposes allow you to relax, stretch and strengthen the muscles.

Each movement has a specific function, and they are beneficial.

Bodywork with her is highly recommended.

Helga Moraga-Age Care Assistant- Sydney

Relaxing, beneficial and lessons well planned.

Clare Goldstein- Museum Guide-Sydney

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