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Awareness Through Movement®


Group Lessons

Affordable and effective verbally guided lessons.

The Awareness Through Movement lesson is a sequence of verbally guided instructions that every participant performs, bringing attention to how they do what they do. For example, How do they lift their arms?

To answer that, I invite them to slow down and move gently, looking for ease and comfort in what they do.

In this type of training, the students re-learn or review how they move to increase functionality and awareness.

Usually, after 50' minutes of moving with awareness, the students get into a powerful state of being.

One of the most known Moshe Feldenkrais quotes says:      "When you know what you do, you can do what you want."

How powerful is that?

Access your potential by moving with attention

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Strength and balance happens as a result of coordinated movements. From when we are born we need to learn how to deal with gravity. As babies, we start to train our body to prepare for a sustainable upright position. Babies do this by playing and expressing curiosity about the world. In finding the optimal balance we fall and try different options. In the ATM lessons, we explore movement with that same spirit.


During the ATMs the breathing changes. By tuning body and mind the breathing starts to adapt to the new pleasurable sensations. A more efficient way to breath is a result of moving with attention and ease. The air finds new spaces to flow and the increase of oxygen in your system provides the nourishment needed for it to function better,


Everything you do is possible to review. By practising ATM®, we have the great opportunity to adapt our movement and find new strategies, forming new connections in our nervous system. Our brain is one of the most amazing creations of the universe. The capacity of the brain to heal and repair is stunning. Are you interested in Neurobiology? Learn more from the expert Norman Doidge.

ATM®  is the core of the Method

Empower yourself by practising Awareness Through Movement®


Less is More, train your body and mind smartly and safetly.

Awareness Through Movement® Lessons/English/ONLINE

Wednesdays, 7 pm AEDT -Sydney Time zone


Cancellation Policy:

If you can't attend your session you have 24hs to cancel your appointment.

Awareness Through Movement® Lessons/Spanish/ONLINE

Sundays 7 pm ART (Buenos Aires)//Mondays 9 am AEDT Sydney Time


Cancellation Policy:

Si no puedes asistir puedes cancelar tu turno con 24 hs de antelación

Awareness Through Movement® Lessons In- Person Litle Bay-Sydney-NSW

Mondays 6.30 pm AEDT (Sydney Time)


Cancellation Policy

If you can't attend your session you have 24hs to cancel your appointment.



What students are saying?

I work as a clinical psychologist and have been visiting Silvia for six months. This has been a very valuable experience. She has a gentle, down-to-earth manner and has helped me become more aware of my breathing and bodily state.

This awareness has helped me to relieve my stress levels and aches and pains.

The method has also helped in my work with my patients - allowing me to be centred and relaxed as a psychologist.”

Saul Gerber-Psychologist -Sydney

Silvia's classes are of excellent quality and very useful to continue with today's busy life. The movements that she proposes allow you to relax, stretch and strengthen the muscles.

Each movement has a specific function, and they are beneficial.

Bodywork with her is highly recommended.

Helga Moraga-Age Care Assistant- Sydney

Relaxing, beneficial and lessons well planned.

Clare Goldstein- Museum Guide-Sydney